“Mode Zéro Agency”

Jurgen (25, Aruba) and Julia (26, Albania/Greece) are passionate dancers that have experience with salsa for 6 and 7 years respectively. Jurgen has taught salsa at the Erasmus Dance Society in Rotterdam and Julia at the dance department of University of Patras in Greece.

They moved to Holland to pursue their academic and/or work career, and immediately fell in love with Rotterdam’s dance community. With a common dance ambition they want to bring their knowledge and experience to all those with a desire to get to know or improve within this beautiful dance and culture of Salsa.

They are motivated and excited to start teaching and make people feel the same way about dancing as they do.


“Mode Zéro Agency”

Starting as a social dancer, Reza teamed up with Lloyd, Naaty Kizo and Juneline with a shared passion to help develop the Kizomba dance community. Soon after, Reza and Lloyd founded Mode Zéro. In their vision, their framework and solutions empower dance artists, social dancers and asipiring dancers to grow and develop their own unique style, giving them tools needed to make progress and improve.

While directing Mode Zéro and following a string of tours as a Kizomba taxi dancer, Reza started to teach. He is mostly seen teaming up with his fellow Mode Zéro artists conducting classes toghether in The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia to name a few. His specialty lies in the Douceur style, but he gives classes in Urban Kizomba (Urban Kiz) and Urban Tarraxa as well.

Reza is passionate about dancing and he finds comfort in sharing his knowledge and help improve — not only himself and his team at Mode Zéro but to him most importantly — the community.


“Mode Zéro Agency”

Lorenzo is a dancer by heart. He started dancing Kizomba in 2015. His kind character and his unique style was soon noticed by Mode Zéro. They started to work together and Lorenzo joined the Taxi team. As a taxi, he attended many festivals and parties throughout Europe, gaining more dance experience and making significant improvement in skill and popularity.

After some time, he made the transition to teach. This started with teaching in Moscow & Saint-Petersburg in 2017 under the Mode Zéro Agency. After that, he continued to give bootcamps and private classes in countries like Bulgaria, Turkey and the Netherlands. He partnered up with Graziana for the first time in Turkey. She is known to have worked around the world with artist like Albir Rojas. With her experience and dancing background, Lorenzo had found a partner he could aim to help people develop, connect and find their soul in dance.

Lorenzo his goal is to prioritize the basics and teach proper technique first. His classes in The Netherlands will start in 2019.


“The Movement Blueprint”

Lloyd Winter is an international dancer, the founder of the dance crew The Movement Blueprint and Mode Zéro and the inventor of one of the styles of Urban Tarraxa. Based in Amsterdam and known in Europe and beyond for his unique style, his way of teaching and technical skills.

Since late 2014 Lloyd has been travelling to different parts of the world, teaching Urban Kizomba and Tarraxa to thousands of people – inspiring beginners, teaching dancers and training teachers.

His background in martial arts, working as a contemporary artist and his curiosity for understanding movement, gives him a special and creative approach to dancing. His focus on technic and details enables both beginners and advanced dancers to progress and reach the next level in their dance. Being an educated teacher he also have deep insight in how to transmit this knowledge to people in a tangible way. His inspiring Urban Kiz and Tarraxa classes and workshops contain fun exercises, lots of technique and styling, but the emphasis is on the connection with the dance partner.

His fascination of movement as a way of communication inspired him to develop a new style, Urban Tarraxa – a playful and rhythmical style where the leader and follower challenge each other through body movements.

According to Lloyd, music fills our souls, which makes us able to let go of everything and as a result have the music carry us. You can teach someone all the steps, but in his opinion, there is a lot more to be taught if you truly want to be able to have someone express their feelings through dance.


“Mode Zéro Agency”

Avinash started dancing Kizomba in early 2015. His great charisma and his style got first notice during his time taking classes at Mode Zero. Soon after, with dedication and motivation he joined the group.

Together with a team of taxis he traveled across Europe, where he gained new opportunities to develop his skills and passion for the dance. After many personal requests; in late 2017 Avinash paired up with other Mode Zéro artists to start teaching. He started to give classes in different countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden and Holland.

His specialty and preferences lies in the more urban styles, such as Urban Kizomba, Tarraxa and Douceur.